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The Marrimor promise is simple: you feel at home when at home

Marrimor is led by Tanja’s honest & warm, listen-first communication style. Tanja is a multi-disciplinary designer (Interiors / Furniture / Objects) with an eye for clever design, precise execution, and — as one would expect of the Swiss — efficiency and order. Tanja takes pride in unlocking the good life for not only her clients, but her team as well.

Together with creative director Lauren Bugliarisi, they shoot for the moon, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Marrimor’s designs are created through playful debate. Each space is uniquely designed around the people who dwell within them, reflecting their personalities and history, sprinkled with elements of surprise around every corner.

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Meet Marrimor

Tanja Hinder


With an eye for clever design and precise execution, projects with Tanja are unconventionally pleasant. An award-winning Swiss entrepreneur and multi-disciplinary designer (interiors / furniture / objects), Tanja is honest and warm, with a listen-first communication style.

Lauren Bugliarisi


Committed, loyal, and driven to fully explore and express the creative potential of each project. Lauren gets things done with passion, expertise and a great sense of humor. A curiosity for mixing tech with craft has led Lauren to design her own furniture and lighting objects.

Michelle Poitras


Technical, detailed, and focused on innovation – Michelle is a passionate designer with a love of creating spaces that are carefully customized to the homeowners needs. An avid nature lover and explorer, spaces designed by Michelle combine natural elements within a contemporary, artful framework.

Angela Sarai


Warm, enthusiastic, and radiating creative energy, Angela brings passion and genius to her work. Thorough, organized, and a true maker, she loves both the big idea – and little details – that make a home just so.

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Marrimor is a multidisciplinary design studio specializing in interior experiences.

Residential Renovation Design

New-Build Residential & Commercial

Restaurant and Hotel Interior Design

Furniture & Millwork Design

Area Rugs & Custom Product Designs

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